Our week at Phoenix Theatre – Thank you

Our week at Phoenix Theatre – Thank you

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ODDMANOUT in partnership with the Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre presents

Chilli Sauce

An Engagement project between local communities, venues, writers and a theatre company to develop the production of Chilli Sauce – a touring Kebab Van telling tales of modern Britain by the people who are living it!

During our time in Bordon we met Kamal, the owner of the Bordon Kebab Van, a businessman who has been serving the local Bordon community and supporting its army community for over 26 years.
We talked with Linda, a woman who when suddenly widowed found herself lost, desperate to try new things and find a new lease of life.
We were greeted by Barry, a night worker at the roadside motel we were staying, who couldn’t understand why anyone would want to come to Bordon, and even less why anyone would want to make a piece of theatre celebrating such a place.

We watched as numbers of young soldiers packed and left the town as their barracks and homes were being swiftly demolished whilst they bought scratch cards and cigarettes from the local tesco superstore.
We felt the warmth of the welcome as we chatted and lived with and amongst the residents of the town, a town uncertain of its future and fighting to maintain its place.

All the while we couldn’t stop thinking of home. A place 300 miles north, separated by the length of the country, divided by a perception, believed to be politically, socially and economically even further away than the distance between them, and yet the commonality was apparent.

We began to think, how many Bordons, Darlingtons, Teessides, Hulls, Bridgwaters, Dagenhams, Barrow-in-Furness’ and Birkenheads might have a similar story to tell, might be united by a strength of community that defied any attempt to strip such places of their identity, their history or worth.

These stories of people and places that are our national community, our collective identity, will be shared in an evening at Kamal’s Kebab Van, an evening of spicy tales and real people, emotion and hope, laughter and tears.
A play about real people, people like us, living across Britain today and asking what we might be capable of when together we are united by the Kebab and celebrate who we are!

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