Machine Women

Machine Women

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MACHINE WOMEN – From the hands and hearts of female workers, weaving threads from North to South.

MACHINE WOMEN is the current artistic project led by Luan Blake, inspired by the experiences of female machinists and factory workers in the UK. A lament to the disappearance of UK manufacturing industries, it is also a celebration of the women who dedicated their lives to Britain’s industrial growth.

This artistic partnership was between Luan Blake (former artistic director of Ragroof Theatre), Tara Gould, Lisa Wolfe, and the venues LV21 in Gillingham and The Hat Factory, Luton.

‘It is the cord that links us, runs through our blood, in the way that we move, the dust in our lungs, the residue of tar, the similar twist in our stooped backs, our knotted fingers.’ (Tara Gould)

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