Induction Session

Induction Session

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By Sukh Ojla:

A cultivation event was held on Sunday 27th Septmenber at The Woodville. Being a Sunday afternoon I didn’t expect a large turnout, but also knowing the local community I was aware that there is a lack of engagement with the arts and maybe there would be some apprehension about getting involved with the project.

The attendees included a Rifco Arts Ambassador who will be attending one of the workshops in October. As an artist and performer she was interested in the project and keen to learn more and get involved. Also attending was a  local British Asian family who have lived in the area for a long time and know it and the community very well. It was encouraging to talk to them as they are keen theatre goers and passionate about more relevant, high end British Asian theatre being produced. Their daughter and her friends hope to attend one of the evening workshops. They will be spreading the word about the workshops, which will hopefully lead to a healthy number of participants!

It was extremely useful to speak with someone who is not only was a gatekeeper to the community but also realises the importance of bringing a British Asian theatre production to Gravesend. All three of them really enjoyed the two Rifco productions that were on at The Woodville and were keen to see what would happen with this project.

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