greenhouse: the pitching process

greenhouse: the pitching process

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Encounter first became involved with greenhouse through Richard Kingdom, who attended a performance of our previous show, I Heart Catherine Pistachio, at the Soho Theatre, in spring 2015.  Alongside offering us thoughtful and generous feedback, Richard invited us to join a pitch session in Brighton on May 8th to apply for seed funding for an upcoming project we had mentioned to him whilst chatting post-show in the Soho bar.  The fast approaching deadline to pitch was incredibly useful to us in speedily clarifying both the artistic and logistical elements of our proposal – and soon we found ourselves on an early morning train from London Victoria, practicing our introductions and loudly memorising statistics about older people’s sexual habits.

The pitch session itself was a great experience and Richard curated an environment that was welcoming and very conducive to meeting other artists and programmers.  We were particularly struck by Adam Wood’s pitch on behalf of Marlowe Theatre, especially his ambition to increase the risks taken in the venue’s Studio space, whilst retaining and serving their existing audience and community.

Adam and Marlowe would become our core partners in our proposal, beginning a fruitful relationship that will be intrinsic to the development and future life of the piece we created, Wonderland.  This partnership would not have occurred without the involvement, encouragement and subtle matchmaking skills of Richard Kingdom and greenhouse, who offered us superb support and advice from that first pitch session right through to today.When we arrived at the Marlowe Studio the first few days were spent with the local community. These men and women had ‘come of age’ in the late sixties and early seventies and all had their various reasons for getting involved in the early stages of the project.

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