Full length work-in-progress showing of Rise

Full length work-in-progress showing of Rise

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Dizzy O Dare presented 3 works-in-progress showings at the Drill House Last Thursday event during their residency.

Last Thursday is a monthly get together for local artists, makers, creative people and event organisers.

The idea is for like-minded people to come together to share ideas, opportunities and projects. As well as networking, SeaChange offers artists in residency the opportunity to present work that they have been creating at the Drill House.

It’s a brilliant opportunity for artists to be able to show their work to an audience and receive feedback before taking it out on the road.

“Having the opportunity to show our work at multiple stages was invaluable. Getting feedback from the audience and being able to test out different ideas as we went along really helped us develop the  piece. We would recommend it to all artists as part of their development process.” Dizzy O Dare

Around 25 people attended the 3 showings, many of which came to all 3 and were very engaged with the development of the show.

At the final showing we recorded a full length version of the show. Check it out!


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