Feedback from the tour so far…

Feedback from the tour so far…

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“We really enjoyed having Rise here at JL for Postcards Festival. It played to a busy crowd who loved its inventiveness, skill and humour plus some very tech-savvy projection work. It’s a moving and poignant piece which would go down well with any audience.” Adrian Berry, Artistic Director Jackson’s Lane

“Whimsical, amusing, unexpected and clever. Lovely chemistry between the two performers. The story of a relationship. Falling in love, enjoying each other, taken each other for granted, discovering each other all over again. So a story full of hope and laugh out loud subtle humour throughout. Recommended.” Audience Member, Worthing Pavillion, Summer of Circus

“Brilliantly skillful and extremely funny. What a treat!” Audience Member, The Brook Theatre

“A beautiful, funny, touching and clever show.” Audience Member, The Brook Theatre

“Had a magical night at Rise tonight- amazing show.” Audience Member, The Brook Theatre

“We went to see (Rise) yesterday and love was in the room!! Made us laugh and made us thoughtful at the same time.” Audience Member, The Brook Theatre

“We loved the show! Beautiful and funny!” Audience Member, The Brook Theatre

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