A Visit To Havant

A Visit To Havant

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We had a fantastic time at the Spring Arts Centre in Havant, exploring a new community we hadn’t met before and learning a lot about local council politics.

The Spring were amazing partners for our work, lining up a range of interviews that gave us great insight into what was going on in the community, and allowing us to meet a lot of interesting characters. Over the course of a few days, we sat down with Sandy Hopkins (Chief Executive of Havant Borough Council), Tony Briggs (Deputy Leader of the Council), Gary Morton (Head of Street Teams and UNISON Rep), Nicki Conyard (community liaison), Jink Prowse (UK Music Fusion), Jackie Branson (Councillor for Havant), and Leah Turner (Mayor of Havant). We were so grateful for the chance to meet such hard-to-reach people: and getting to speak to them was testimony to the Spring’s excellent links within their borough, and the goodwill towards the arts centre.

We’ve come away excited about setting a play in Havant, and using those streets as the canvas for our story. We hope we’ll be able to do justice to the welcoming people we met.

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