Too Pretty To Punch


  • Posted: August 23, 2017
  • Contact Name: Edward Day
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  • Organisation: Edward Day
  • Categories: Something Different

Project Outline

Too Pretty To Punch: a one person, celebration of international trans visibility and self acceptance; a mix of clown, mime, music, spoken word and video projection focusing on society’s obsession with trans bodies, judging our acceptability on how attractive we are and the horrifically high rates of trans homicide and suicide around the world, swinging violently between light hearted comedy cabaret and dark humour. Trans people are rapidly gaining acceptance in the western world but for years the only way you could survive as a trans person was to fit in: to hide your transness or to transition so thoroughly and adhere so firmly to the imposed gender roles that you ‘pass’ for a human being. We judge so much of a person’s worth on how masculine or feminine someone is. We say things like “don’t worry, wearing pink doesn’t make you any less of a man,” where by man we human being. We put so much importance on fulfilling stereotypical characteristics, focusing on what a person looks like instead of how they treat people and what they do. We talk endlessly about what it means to be male or female in theory but then we base all of our judgements on appearance.

Support Outline

We’re looking for support in the form of rehearsal space and funding for 2 Research & Development periods: February & March 2018 July & September 2018 We’re also interested in booking venues to tour to for September - November 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019. The set will be based around putting people in boxes and will feature projection mapping, animating newly commissioned art from a variety of Transgender artists.

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