People in Glass Houses – A ‘Make and See’ Performance Event


  • Posted: October 10, 2016
  • Contact Name: Pip Nash and Rebecca Hurst
  • Contact Email:
  • Organisation: A Collaboration between Pip and Rebecca
  • Categories: Young Imaginations

Project Outline

This is a collaboration between two theatre designers – Pip Nash and Rebecca Hurst , creating a piece of design led theatre for young audiences (7-10 year olds). Our project explores how the qualities of everyday materials can initiate and inspire performance and stories. We are aiming to build children’s participation and ownership of this process, through kinaesthetic and creative activities. The project has three stages: R&D with children; devising with artists; performance with workshops. Beginning with leading art workshops with children, we'll explore materials and responses to physical stimuli. The objects made will inspire and be utilised in a subsequent theatre making workshop, inviting the children to interact with their objects as story defining ‘props’, with the possibility of extending the ideas in the creation of a larger scale scenic element. Ideas from these playful experiences will act as the stimulus for the story and aesthetic of the development in stage two; a rehearsal period collaborating with others, (sound and light artists and a performer/ puppeteer), devising a visual performance piece. Children from the workshops will be invited back to a scratch showing, and give feedback. Stage three sees the reworked and completed performance piece taken to new audiences in the form of a two-part event (a Make & See experience) spanning a morning or afternoon, with the audience taking part in an art workshop folllowed by watching the performance. The objects that they make will be included in the set, and can then be taken home.

Support Outline

We would like support to develop, rehearse and deliver People in Glass Houses (Working Title) 'Make and See' Performance Event. This would include: - Use of rehearsal space - Creative input from the venue in the form of an outside eye, scratch performance feedback. - Technical input - assistance with projection , lighting , sound - Funding input - production budget, artists fees etc. possibly in partnership with other funders - Connections and contact with local children groups, as participants - Create links with local artists-puppeteer/performer; sound and lighting artist - A space for workshop events and final performance

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