Passing Phase


  • Posted: October 7, 2016
  • Contact Name: Jessica Jordan-Wrench
  • Contact Email:
  • Organisation: .dash
  • Categories: Something Different

Project Outline

We were recently commissioned by Margate Festival to develop a performance at Dreamland. We created Passing Phase, a dazzling ode to chaos, performed on a big wheel. Using 24 phasing lights (controlled wirelessly via dmx), sound loops and live performance (two performers in total), we explored patterns in chaos and order in disorder. Ultimately asking, is hope a Passing Phase? The piece was incredibly well received. The first performance sold out within hours, as did an additional two that we added due to popular demand. We were particularly delighted with the range of ways our audience engaged with the piece: some took it as an experiential spectacle, whilst others also really connected with the words and the theory that underpinned it. This was underscored by the feedback we received: "Wow, wow, wow, Passing Phase was incredible and clever ... [it was] about daring to hope in times like these, even though we are cheering for sandcastles." Margate Theatre Club We are currently reworking the show to be performed in other spaces (i.e. not just big wheels!). The lights will be in a circle, with the audience standing in the middle. As a company we celebrate immediacy. We present ambitious, cutting-edge performance, driven by a DIY attitude. We aim to capture the imagination of non-theatregoers, challenging perceptions and blurring the boundaries between artistic disciplines.

Support Outline

We are looking for venues to programme the show and/or support the re-staging R&D. Ideally we would need a space of at least 10mSq (although this is flexible) with relatively decent black out (this does not necessarily need to be a traditional theatre space, we have worked in out of use buildings, clubs, galleries, music venues etc.). The audience numbers would be kept small, but the performance installation only lasts 30 mins and we are happy to repeat it multiple times in an evening. We provide our own technical eqpt. We are particularly interested in working with venues who are interested in the cross pollination of artistic-disciplines, as well as those with an enthusiasm for exploring the physical relationship between an audience and a piece of work.

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