• Posted: October 7, 2016
  • Contact Name: Rebecca O'Brien
  • Contact Email:
  • Organisation: Knuckle and Joint
  • Categories: All the Family

Project Outline

We are a dog mad nation; we love our furry friends. Knuckle and Joint (K&J) are going to make an outdoor experience celebrating man’s best friend on a gigantic scale. A 7ft puppet dog will interact with one actor and hundreds of audience members to share a collection of true events where dogs have gone above and beyond their call of duty. This performance will be big, silly, honest and poignant. The finale will be an invitation for audience members to lead a spectacular game of giant fetch with our colossal Staffordshire Bull Terrier (STB). Interviews with staff at Battersea Dogs Home in Brandshatch will take place a part of our research and development and will inform our process about dogs that have a negative public opinion such as the STB. We will gain further insight into rehabilitation/rehoming of rescued dogs and breeding in Kent which we will explore in rehearsal and working with local audiences. We will organise a forum group of dog owners who we can begin a discussion of the show’s themes with. We want to incorporate important local opinion and views into this project in addition to performing a scratch to the forum participants and working with their feedback. We will experiment with the dog’s design with a variety of materials such as rubber and wiring producing a less realistic aesthetic seen in the concept drawing. This will support breaking through public opinion of certain breeds and cross breeds whilst creating a unique experience for audiences.

Support Outline

We are currently sourcing funding and we are looking for venues or programmers to support in the following ways: - Rehearsal space - Industry expertise in outdoor theatre and programming - Access to new/local audiences - An opportunity to work with fresh collaborations such as a marketing officer, programmer and production officer; roles that we have filled ourselves in previous projects - Access to their youth groups and local audiences to get them involved in the development of ‘Muzzle’. - Helping to source a performance space for scratches and previews

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