Micro Cosmos


  • Posted: October 7, 2016
  • Contact Name: Bethan Tomlinson
  • Contact Email: bethan@strangeface.co.uk
  • Organisation: Strangeface
  • Categories: All the Family

Project Outline

Strangeface have created a strand of work that takes table-top puppetry to a huge variety of venues. Originally called "Pubbetry" the project was devised to take to families in pubs "like a Sunday Roast, something for everyone". Since that initial work, commissioned by Ideas Test, we have piloted the capacity of the piece to act as a catalyst for social benefits with further investment from KCC and ACE. We would like to work with partners to create the content for a companion piece. We want to make a new performance and a series of workshops that can be played in traditional arts venues, residential homes, hospices, wellbeing centres, in libraries and with groups like “Dads and Kids” to foster better communication skills and playful storytelling. The format we have developed with project manager Lisa Oulton is to 10/15-minute performance that is both witty and moving, with making workshops and film capture process for participants that audiences have described it as genuinely different and memorable. There is a low risk entry for participants, they can watch from afar first and sitting down is less threatening for those who wouldn't usually engage with "arty" projects. This evolution would be technically more advanced, supporting trailing edge technology of puppets with video, light and sound. It would create a mini theatre wherever we went, creating a strong link in the outreach work for the venue as audience development in the community. You can see a short film about this project in development here: http://ideastest.org.uk/tabletop-theatre-in-unusual-settings/

Support Outline

*We are seeking partners who are also aiming to develop their outreach in health and wellbeing in a sustainable way. We would like to make ambitious funding bids to support this work in a 3-year plan. *Strangeface would like to build a new relationship with sound artist. As the wordless soundtrack is delivered through headphones we are seeking a collaborator to work on the narrative of the work and workshop content *Though more mundane, we are interested in talking to venues about rehearsal space, in this case it can be a small space but of great value to us!

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