Dancing for Godot


  • Posted: October 7, 2016
  • Contact Name: Kristin Fredricksson
  • Contact Email: beadyeye@live.co.uk
  • Organisation: Beady Eye Theatre
  • Categories: Young Imaginations

Project Outline

‘Dancing for Godot' is a mask-dance play exploring the dynamics of first encounters and how they evolve into friendships. Inspired by Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ and working dances, it is a small-scale show for young children and their families - performed indoors or out, suitable for rural touring and festivals. This is a theatre of atmospheres and creatures, a mysterious merging of human- fairytale-animal. It is about facing the unknown in ourselves, in others and in the world at large. It explores the multitude of possible beings that lie dormant within us and revels in the way similarities and differences shape friendships. In a forest, a dark forest, a creature emerges, searching, looking and unexpectedly finding an other. There is no common language; one is high up, the other low down, they circle each other, testing. A conversation begins; communication, with hands and feet, eyes, untold sounds, words in different languages. What are the images we make of the other and ourselves? What happens when we realise these images are illusions and limited? The masks drop; a call for celebration. We are mothers of small children. Kristin Fredricksson (UK) is a seasoned performer,  theatre-maker and Feldenkrais practitioner. Isabell Brand (Germany) took another path after her theatre training, becoming a Rolfer. Our shared background in somatic practice strongly informs our work. We are exploring new ways of involving the audience in a felt sense way, opening up their kinespheres and ours, in search of subtle and organic participation.

Support Outline

We need a research and development period before rehearsal and production in 2017. We want to combine theatre-making with parenting, therefore we need to work relatively locally (East Kent), in short bursts, over a longish period of time. We see the mothering/making aspect of our work as essential and political and we’re interested in developing related outreach workshops for mothers of small children. We are looking for venues/organisations that might be able to support this project through offers of space, commissions and/or bookings. We will be seeking other collaborators and funding as the project develops (director, composer, designer/mask/puppet-maker).

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