• Posted: October 7, 2016
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  • Organisation: Bloody Nora Theatre Company
  • Categories: Something Different

Project Outline

Nicola is a single mother of three, Eve is a hairdresser in a dysfunctional relationship and Harriet is a carer for children and elderly people with autism. After Nicola’s dad dies in a car accident caused by Eve’s brother which also leaves Harriet’s best friend in a coma the three women find themselves together at the side of a busy bypass. Bypass explores loss, jealousy and grief whilst following the inevitable guilt that plagues the people left behind after a devastating accident. This play is currently in its embryonic stage. Our plan is to cast a group of creatives to workshop the writing as it progresses, hopefully informing the production and resulting in a play with a multitude of influences. Bloody Nora create work that is grounded in human experience and told through a uniquely female voice. Driven by the murky, the mucky and the messy, we invite our audience into unusual spaces, telling stories that create an intimate relationship between performer and spectator inspiring conversation which extends beyond the event. Fundamentally we want to explore and create three-dimensional female characters, characters who represent our reality as women. We believe that working with small casts allows the in-depth creation of characters who are human: complex and deeply-flawed. We believe women deserve representation as whole people; not merely monochrome but all the shades in between.

Support Outline

At this early stage we are not specifically asking for monetary support, however we anticipate that a small amount of funding will be needed as the production takes shape and form. Our primary focus is to build relationships with venues and to start a conversation about possible collaboration in the hopes that we can develop this piece together. We have access to rehearsal spaces at the University of Kent, however this access becomes more limited when the demand for rehearsal space increases. We would therefore like to establish a reliable base for workshopping and rehearsal, although this is not fundamental.

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