Adparere Canceris


  • Posted: October 6, 2016
  • Contact Name: Anthony Gleave
  • Contact Email:
  • Organisation: Third Party Productions
  • Categories: A Night Out

Project Outline

Event theatre with a narrative drive, live music, dance, drama and festival scaled effects. Big puppets, big screens, live video feeds and animation. A freak in a cart, a sideshow curiosity. Fought over as a means of income at fairs, lost in drunken revelry, killed and reborn in a redemptive passion. Bizarre characters, base double-dealing, low life and a goat goblin devil that flies in the night; a world in short, in which we do not customarily live. The rise of the crab people, the slow transformation of a superstitious and degenerate community into an ichorous and gleety new order. New live music & song, drama, dance: episodic multi media story telling to tantalise the passing eye and drive the story forward. And the Rarity Show of course: a standalone exhibit available for all the time when there is no performance. Combining visual and performance art to create a new audience experience. One where an installation informs a narrative, which uses visual art to enhance its tale and creates a fully immersive experience for participants. Produced by a community of artists. A rarity show, a companion piece - art in a box - the size of a truck. We would be looking among visual and installation art, video/film art, sound installation and sculpture, with a particular interest in moving sculpture, mechanics, curiosities and transformations, some hands-on. All of which would concord with our travelling showman aesthetic.

Support Outline

The questions are: if it existed, would you exhibit it? And, do you have a community of artists who would like a new vehicle of expression? The theatre, the music, the puppets, all that we can do. Would you like to be a part of our application, the arts council didn't say no! [ ps it doesn’t need to be crabs, I was moved to include crabs by an exhibition by a friend of mine, Jo Redpath ]

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