gender smart training

house is working with Milk Presents to host a series of online training sessions to increase understanding across the region of gender awareness and explore positive gender inclusion your organisation. 

The sessions are for venues in the South East network only.

The Training

We know that conversations around gender and identity are fast moving, politically charged and ever-changing. These workshops ensure your organisation stays up-to-date with dialogue, policy and language. Giving you the language and tools to communicate effectively, both as an organisation and with your patrons, Gender Smart will give you adequate knowledge and understanding to help you better support your staff, customers, clients and artists.

Areas that will be covered:

  • General awareness around transgender, non-binary and queer identities
  • New approaches to gender equality
  • Working with artists/clients
  • Making your spaces welcoming for all

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Wednesday 12 August, 10am-1pm
Friday 14 August, 10am-1pm


Why is it important?

It is important for leaders and decision-makers to understand the impact our knowledge and unconscious biases can have on policies, priorities and the way we engage with staff and audiences. Embracing diversity and inclusion can be an asset to business strength and development, as well as being a moral and legal responsibility.

More information

Groups are limited to 25 people. The session is free for staff from South East venues in the network.

We strongly encourage one member of the senior leadership team and one member of the board attend from each venue.

The training is available for maximum 2 people per venue.

It will take place online.


10% ‘in-house’ Gender Smart training at your venue

Milk Presents are offering house network members who attend this training 10% off ‘in-house’ Gender Smart training for staff at their venue. Terms and conditions apply.
Terms and conditions
1. At least one employee from the venue must attend a session on 12 August or 14 August 2020.
2. The ‘in-house’ training session must be booked before 31 December 2020 to receive the 10% discount.
3. The training session itself may be scheduled to take place at any time depending on availability.
4. The training may take place online or in person, depending on circumstances
5. The 10% discount is only for venues looking to train their own employees ‘in-house’; it cannot be used for multiple venues unless agreed at the trainers’ discretion.