About harness audience personas to sharpen your marketing strategy

Wednesday 21 February, 11am - 1pm

This online training will provide a comprehensive overview of audience personas and how to leverage them for better audience development and marketing. We’ll cover what personas are, including fictional representations of target customers based on real data like demographics, psychographics, goals, and challenges. You’ll learn where to find data to create detailed personas through surveys, interviews, analytics, and social media. The training includes an interactive exercise where you'll create sample personas using provided data.

You’ll come away with knowledge of how to build personas with names, photos, and representative quotes as well as ways to implement these personas into everyday work like guiding content creation and developing tailored campaigns. Join us for this hands-on session that will equip you with skills to harness audience personas for sharpening your marketing strategy.

Presented by Sarah Blake Knox, Thrive

Since May 2023, Sarah has been Thrive’s Client Programme Coordinator. Before this, she worked primarily in television, working across the UK and North America. Her areas of interest are research and production. She believes that collaboration gets the best results and particularly enjoys exploring and researching potential stories as well.

Thrive supports the arts and heritage sector in Northern Ireland through research, evaluation and communication. Their free resources and tailored support give you the tools to understand your audience and help your organisation thrive.


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