About What is the best audience loyalty model for you?

What does loyalty look like in 2023 - and how do you find a model that works for your organisation and your audiences?

Sarah Frost from Spektrix shares inspiration and examples to help you align your business priorities with the motivations of your audiences, replacing prescriptive models like the traditional loyalty pyramid with a more collaborative, customer-centric approach. Drawing on consultancy and data insights from across the cultural sector, Sarah suggests processes to define your strategy, record hypotheses and measure impact - with practical templates to help you record customers’ motivations, design relevant incentives and understand what works for both you and your customers.

about the trainer

Sarah Frost, (she/her) is the Client Insight Manager at Spektrix. She has worked with numerous arts and entertainment organisations, consulting on loyalty strategy and best practice amongst other things. She co-authored the Spektrix Insights Report in 2019, leading on the analysis of sector benchmarks across multiple areas such as loyalty, fundraising and online purchasing trends

Spektrix provides cloud-based technology for ticketing, marketing and fundraising. To ensure our users get the most out of our platform we also offer comprehensive and all-inclusive support, training and consultancy services. We work with over 400 arts organizations in the UK and Ireland and around 200 across the US and Canada.

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