alt/control/forward (2021)

2020 saw an abundance of experimentation with offstage and digital programming models. But what’s next for our venues? What do our audiences want? Can we sustain a blended programme after we reopen? What’s the strategy?

This online conference-style event gave a platform for key speakers to explore what was achieved, and how arts venues can continue to develop alternative forms of content and serve audiences beyond their four walls.

alt/control/forward was open to venue colleagues in the house network and from other venues across the UK; venue leaders, programmers and marketing staff and other team members were warmly welcome.


Lucy Askew (Creation Theatre); Suzanne Bull MBE (Attitude Is Everything); Flo Carr (Indigo Ltd); Toby Coffey (National Theatre); Haydn Corrodus (Digital Culture Network); Sarah Ellis (RSC); Mojisola Elufowoju (Utopia Theatre); Lucy Garland and Amber Onat Gregory (Frozen Light); Jon Gilchrist (HOME Manchester); Adam Hemming (The Space theatre); Helen Jewell (The Old Market); Alex Levene (The Place, Bedford); Katie Moffat (The Audience Agency); David Reece (Baker Richards); Dan Sullivan (Cuseum); Patrick Towell (Golant Innovation)