the post-covid venue: Developing Creative Solutions in a Challenging Environment

workshop programme:
Tues 10, Fri 20 and Tues 24 November 2020,
10am – 1pm

Wouldn’t it be great if …
… arts venues had the space and time for imaginative, human-centred thinking to win back their audiences?
… arts venues could develop innovative solutions to emergent problems that set a new standard of service delivery in the long term, a standard that raised the bar beyond ‘Covid compliance’ to surprise, delight and exceed customer expectations?
… and do all this in a way that strengthens brand saliency, deepens engagement and re-affirms loyalty, so that, post-Covid, our arts venues were regarded as beacons of excellence within the broader experience economy?

All of this is entirely possible.


This is a three-session course of interactive online workshops to help arts venue leaders to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. An opportunity to work with two international facilitators in the field of arts and cultural innovation, Lisa Baxter and Cecilia Martin.

How do I book?

You can book your place here:


What is it?

3 x 3-hour virtual workshops over three weeks to help venues to reframe challenges as creative possibilities and find practical tools to move forward.

Who is it for?

Arts venue managers and those with front-line experience and expertise, at whatever level.
Due to limited capacity, there will be one place available per venue.
This event is for staff from venues in South East and East of England. Participants must attend all three workshops.

When is it?

Tuesday 10, Friday 20 and Tuesday 24 November 2020 from 10am-1pm.

How do I participate?

We will use Zoom to support break-out rooms for lively group discussion and exercises, and MURAL, an exciting visual collaboration platform to support the create and development of your ideas.

How much does it cost? 

Nothing. house is offering this for free to venues in the house network. All we ask is that you commit to participate in all 3 workshops.



Lisa Baxter and Cecilia Martin, two international, creatively rule-breaking facilitators in the field of arts and cultural innovation, will bring their considerable combined expertise and applied intelligence to the table.

Lisa Baxter FRSA – Founder, The Experience Business
Lisa is a creative multitasker on a mission. Since founding The Experience Business in 2012 she has pioneered the application of human-centred design to ignite vision, strengthen purpose, build brands, develop new products and services, delight audiences and inspire a public-service mentality.



Cecilia Martin – Founder, I’m Cecilia Martin, Cultural Branding
Cecilia is a brand strategist specialised in culture with a strong focus on digital and new audiences. An innovator by nature, Cecilia Martin is a brand consultant, workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker with over 15 years of experience. Cecilia also co-founded Lava Lab in Amsterdam, a hub for innovation, strategy, design, and technology and teaches “Arts Communication” at the University of Barcelona.


Full details

This is an engaging virtual platform for collaborative idea generation that powers-up your ability to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.  This is needed now more than ever because today’s challenges cannot be solved with yesterday’s logic, and because, given the accelerated change we find ourselves in, events are outpacing our ability to respond positively and creatively.

  • Workshop 1 – Building Strong Foundations: an in-depth exploration of a problem and desired futures, to lay the essential groundwork for insightful, relevant ideation.
  • Workshop 2 – Ideation: here, we reframe the problem as a positive challenge to inspire a growth mindset and ‘we-can’ attitude to the idea generation process.
  • Workshop 3 – Forging Solutions: here, the most promising and exciting ideas are further developed into action-ready concepts.

Participants will complete the programme with:

  • A fresh perspective: You will emerge with greater clarity and focus on your specific challenge and the ways in which to overcome it.
  • Revitalised vision: You will have a clear and compelling understanding of what ‘success’ looks like beyond compliance with Covid-19 regulations.
  • Innovative solutions: You will emerge from the process with a suite of action-ready concepts to reassure, win-back and delight your audiences.
  • A user-friendly roadmap: To guide you through the ‘what next’ in relation to prototyping, testing and implementation.


If you have any questions, please email Steph at