December news from house

Welcome to the December edition of the house newsletter.In this, the last newsletter of 2014 we look back on some of the best content shared on the house website this year, explore the greenhouse projects which have already taken place and look ahead to some of the plans we have for 2015.
house online in 2014

Throughout the year we have shared blogs and resources on the house website to read and download for free. Some of the highlights include:



There are also a host of current opportunities available to view on the website:

  • Folkestone Quarterhouse Commission
  • Slot Together at MAC Birmingham
  • Family Arts conference

If you would like to request or share a resource now or in 2015, please get in touch with Sarah.


In greenhouse’s first year we’ve invested over £50,000 in relationships between theatre makers and venues across the house network. These have included a residency with Brighton’s Roller Derby teamboxers and Quakers sharing stories in Maidenhead, a writer returning to her home town of Gillingham and five artists working together for the first time to make a new piece of childrens theatre for Didcot and Canterbury. We also partnered with SHPLive.TV on UPstream, delivering a live streaming lab and seeding three pieces that explore how theatre can be simultaneously live and online.A couple of weeks ago we put on Pitch Up to help connect venues and theatre makers and we hope that some of the projects from that event will be among those we invest in next year.We’ve been talking to a range of potential partners for next year’s call outs and we’re also exploring possible greenhouse projects with a number of theatre makers and venues.  But if you have an idea for a project that furthers the ambitions of a venue and a theatre maker and engages a potential audience then we want to hear from you!

house in 2015 

Alongside the nine house tours visiting the network from February onwards, we will soon be announcing a series of access training sessions available to venues within the region in spring 2015.Our website will continue to be updated, with plans to use our blog to feature leading professionals within the network and ideas in the pipeline for new useful free downloadable resources.It’s been a busy year at house, with 14 tours across the region, artist training sessions, venue network days and plenty of online debate. We look forward to doing it all again and more in 2015.

Have a great December,

Best wishes,

house team