Day 1 programme: alt/control/forward

Morning session, 11am to 1pm

Part 1

Welcome and introduction

Gavin Stride, Director, Farnham Maltings
and the house team

Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development, RSC

Panel discussion
Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Development and Immersive Storytelling Studio, National Theatre
Haydn Corrodus, Social Media Tech Champion, Arts Council England Digital Culture Network
Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development, RSC
Katy Potter, Producer of Extraordinary Times, Farnham Maltings

Facilitated by Gavin Stride, the panel will discuss the discoveries of the last year in continuing to deliver performance for audiences. Whether digital and off-grid forms, what developments have happened? What were the challenges? What does the future hold?

Part 2

Flo Carr, Associate, Indigo Ltd.

Since April 2020, Indigo Ltd has been gathering responses from cultural audiences through a series of surveys: After the Interval, Act 2 and the ongoing Culture Restart tracker. Flo will share findings from nearly a year of audience sentiment research and consider what we have learnt about digital audiences now and in the future.

Afternoon session, 2pm to 3pm

‘The Emergence and Acceleration of New Virtual Membership Models’

Dan Sullivan, Head of Growth & Partnerships, Cuseum

Since the escalation of COVID-19 and the widespread closures of arts and cultural organizations, venues, and theatres, we’ve seen a surge of new initiatives launched in membership programmes. One strategy that many organizations have pioneered is the creation of ‘virtual memberships’. Virtual memberships have taken a variety of different forms, including new digital benefits, virtual member events, and even fully-fledged virtual membership levels. In light of this new virtual membership trend, many questions and challenges have arisen. For example, how do you launch a virtual membership? What types of virtual memberships have arts organizations already initiated? Is this just a COVID-era phenomenon, or are digital and virtual memberships sustainable in the medium and long-term?

In light of these developments, this presentation will explore membership trends, the rise of virtual memberships, and the value of digital membership cards. The presentation will include ample real-world examples of both virtual and digital memberships at a variety of organizations.

All sessions include time for questions and answers at the end.

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