Creative Employment Programme: intern perspective

house’s successful bid to the Creative Employment Programme will see over 30 interns and apprentices working throughout house venues in the south east and east of England between 2013 – 2015.

In our latest blog, we hear from Laura Burke who has recently began an internship in administration with Arts Partnership Surrey;

The past few months have been a strange contrast of status, structure and focus. I’ve gone from being a student to an unemployed graduate, and then to an employed graduate, and having the realisation that unemployment wasn’t quite as relaxing I thought it could be after my fine art degree. I needed some time to re-focus and figure out what I wanted to do, however being on jobseekers benefits turned out to be more of an added pressure than a time giver. I managed to identify the type of job I’d like… something part time, arts related, admin based, flexible… but it didn’t take long to realise potential employers were looking for people with stronger experience than the work I’d done as a student. When the internship came up I realised it was the ideal next step.

Since I’ve started the internship I’ve learnt more about what’s going on in Surrey. Before finding the job, I didn’t know the Arts Partnership Surrey even existed and I was keen to do something to bring more creativity into the county. I’ve since met people from the boroughs and county who are involved in the Arts Partnership and seen how hard they’re working to improve the lives of people within the county, through the arts.  We’ve got many projects being organised in eight different boroughs in Surrey which are all aimed at extending creativity throughout the county. Getting to know the projects and areas of the county has also helped me to think about where I want to go after my contract ends. As the internship is only six months long, I’ve already got to think about where I want to go afterwards and how I can get the most benefit from it before I’m looking for work again.  It’s quite strange to think how quickly six months (five months now!) will go by.  I’ve got the opportunity to attend training days, learn the system, and gain support from people who will help me in the next stage after the internship. Part of my ambition is to continue my painting practice and get my art seen; however I enjoy organising projects too and I would like to continue working in this field. I like to feel busy, and I’m aware that this internship will have been hugely beneficial in helping my next career step.