Catch-up with Callum McGuire from Red Fox Theatre

Five minutes, five questions with Callum McGuire, producer of Red Fox Theatre and cast member in their show Catch of the Day, which is touring the house network throughout October 2021

Left: cast members Jonty Weston, Callum McGuire & Anna McCormick; right: Callum McGuire, Anna McCormick & Jonty Weston in the original production







Hello Callum. It’s the last week of rehearsals before you go on tour, so thanks for your time. Can you tell us how the show came about?
Catch of the Day is based on a very funny, almost unbelievable true story from Dingle in the West of Ireland. I was driving to drama school in 2018 when I heard a documentary about it, made by Ronan Kelly for RTÉ. I immediately saw the potential in the story and knew it would make a fantastic stage play. I brought a group of creatives together and we travelled to Dingle to talk with those who still remembered it, recorded interviews and, with their permission, went back to London to make a play. Our favourite performance will always be the first showing back in Dingle, after we debuted at Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. 

How are rehearsals going?
Really well! We have a new cast member for this tour, so have been busy fitting her in over the past week. We’ve found a bunch of new jokes and musical numbers along the way and can’t wait to share them. 

What’s it been like to revisit the work after a couple of years?
It’s been amazing to be back in the rehearsal room again doing what we love (although it’s probably a good thing we’ve had this rehearsal period; we were definitely a bit rusty!)

Tell us your favourite line or moment from the play.
Personally, my favourite part is when we play a little bit of one of the recorded interviews from Dingle. It’s when the audience realise we’ve been speaking verbatim and the laughter you hear from us in the interview is very genuine. As a company, we’re so fond of John Brosnan (the man you hear being interviewed) and I love hearing his voice in the middle of all the madness on stage. 

Which town are you looking forward to visiting with the show?
I’m really looking forward to visiting Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, I’ve never visited before, we’ve got a great, sold-out audience and it will be really exciting to bring the show to an English seaside town – something we’ve not done yet. 

You can see the show on tour throughout October 2021: see the full schedule