[TippingPoint] Good as (g)old

[TippingPoint] Good as (g)old

Project details

I see ‘fixing things’ as a useful lens through which I can engage people in a wider discussion of climate change and ‘fixing the world’. I would like to create a solo storytelling performance work linking fixing things and ‘fixing the world’. I will create this work through a practical research led process working with two communities; people who attend Men’s Sheds and a group of Young Adults at Ashcroft Arts.

Initially I will talk with Men’s Sheds attendees about how going to the shed may have helped them in their lives. With the younger group of adults, through a series of workshops or interviews, I will invite them to bring in some item that needs fixing. I will ask the owners about the object- where it is from, how it was broken and it’s significance to them. I would then take these objects to the Mens Sheds and invite people there to attempt to fix them. I would observe and record this process with video and photography to gather stories and ideas.

Concurrently to this practical ‘field’ research I would conduct theoretical research into the philosophy of fixing things. In particular I will look into ‘kintsugi’ the Japanese art of fixing ceramics, and the skill sharing movement. I will draw parallels to the wider discussion of moving from a culture of consumption to a culture based on community and sharing. From this research, I will create a performance piece weaving stories of fixing minds, things and the world.

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