About seed funding, projects and Pitch Up

With the support of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, we have been investing in projects that encourage new relationships between theatre makers, audiences and venues in the house network.

Our aim has been to enable theatre makers to create their best work, to unlock the creative potential of our theatre buildings and to inspire audiences.  We have supported a range of approaches and projects to do this, working with theatre makers of different genres and experience and venues of different scales and locations to engage a spectrum of audiences across the region.  To date we have invested seed funds (awards of £3000-£8000) in new ideas – further supporting some of these into production – worked with partners to address specific gaps and offered bursaries to independent producers to work with venues.  You can find the full range of projects that we have invested in on our projects page.

All projects have a partnership between a theatre maker and a venue in the house network at their heart.  To this end, we have sought to make it easier for these connections to be made by creating Pitch Up, a friendly gathering aimed at helping theatre makers, producers and programmers start conversations about new projects.  for these connections to be made.

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