About seed funding, projects and Pitch Up

Who we are

Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and delivered by Farnham Maltings, greenhouse is an initiative to encourage new relationships between theatre makers, audiences and venues in the house network.

What we do

We believe that to enable theatre makers to create their best work, unlock the creative potential of our theatre buildings and inspire audiences, we will need to invest in a range of relationships and ways of working.  We want to respond to new ideas and invest in bespoke projects.  We will support partnerships between theatre makers of different genres and experience and venues of different scales and locations to engage a spectrum of audiences across the region.  To date we have invested seed funds in new ideas, further supporting some of these into production, worked with partners to address specific gaps and offered bursaries to independent producers to work with venues.

Get involved

We offer seed funding awards of £3000-£8000 to support theatre makers and venues to explore new ways of creating theatre together, in partnership with potential audiences.

All projects must feature a partnership between a theatre maker and a venue in the house network and we therefore want to make it easier for these connections to be made.  One of the ways we’re doing that is through Pitch Up, where selected pitches are presented live and venues and theatre makers can forge new partnerships.

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Get in touch

We are always interested in opportunities to contribute to a wider debate about how we best make work, use venues and engage audiences. If you would like to talk to us about this, contact Richard Kingdom, greenhouse project manager, on 07714 216519 or email richard@housetheatre.org.uk