house venue network day: The Wisdom of Being Bold

How creative approaches can make your venue more resilient

When: Tuesday 19 September 2017, 11-4pm
Where: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London WC2B 5JF

The next house venue network day is focused on the constant challenge of ensuring the organisations we lead are as resilient as possible. Featuring a keynote by Dr Jonathan Gross of Kings College London, whose recent report Towards Cultural Democracy: Promoting Cultural Capabilities for Everyone touched on this theme, the day will also offer the opportunity for house members to share and discover ways in which they are currently addressing this challenge creatively.

From utilising buildings, to encouraging new audiences through site specific work, the day will explore the different ways in which your peers are working with and developing their communities, connecting different types of cultural creativity, and creating resilience and sustainability.

There will also be the opportunity to hear about house’s plans for 2018-22 and give your feedback.

Please arrive from 10.30am for coffee and registration, to begin at 11am.

We invite members of venue programming and marketing teams to join us and take part in the day; although other team members are also welcome.

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